Puja ListPricePuja ListPrice
Abhishekam utsavamurthy (private)Call TempleAnna prasanamCall Temple
Alankar – butterCall TempleBirthday – 60thCall Temple
AnaprasanamCall TempleDurga maha poojaCall Temple
Birthday – 60thCall TempleEngangement ceremonyCall Temple
Durga MahapujaCall TempleGanesh maha poojaCall Temple
Durgasaptashati PathCall TempleHair offering chul sanskarCall Temple
Ganesh AtharvasirshamCall TempleHomam (chandi)Call Temple
Hair Offering / Chull sanskarCall TempleHomam sudaishanshanahCall Temple
Homam (Sudaishana)Call TempleHomam – nvgraha Call Temple
Homam – (Nvagraha)Call TempleHomam – (Nvagraha)Call Temple
Homam NakshtraCall TempleKalyana utsava (private)Call Temple
Kalyanam Utsavam (private)Call TempleLaghu rudra abhishekamCall Temple
Laghu rudra abhishekamCall TempleMaha mrityun jaya havanCall Temple
NaamkamamCall TempleNakshatra shantiCall Temple
Narayan Bali Sradh pujaCall TempleNvrgaha poojaCall Temple
Navchandi Yagna (1day)Call TemplePunyahavachanamCall Temple
Saamohika Kalyana UtsavamCall TempleSatyanarayana pooja PrivateCall Temple
Sahasranama ArchanaCall TempleSeemantham with havanaCall Temple
Satyanarayan Pooja (private)Call TempleShradha with homamCall Temple
SeemanthamCall TempleSunderkand poojaCall Temple
Special ServiceCall TempleVastu shanti with homamCall Temple
UpanyanamCall TemplePre-wedding grahashantakCall Temple
Vishnusahasra Nam PathCall TempleAkshrabhyasamCall Temple
Wedding (basic charge)Call TempleBhumi poojaCall Temple
AkshrabyasamCall TempleDurga havanaCall Temple
Alankar – pulangi/flowerCall TempleDurga sabshati paathCall Temple
Balkrishna pujaCall TempleGanesh atharva shirshamCall Temple
Durga Havan TempleCall TempleGraha prasham Call Temple
Durga Paduka puja (temple)Call TempleHanuman poojaCall Temple
Engagement Ceremony Call TempleHomam – gayatriCall Temple
Ganesh Maha PujaCall TempleHomam – ganeshaCall Temple
Homam (chandi)Call TempleHomam – ayushCall Temple
Homam – GaneshaCall TempleKal sarpa shantiCall Temple
Homam ayushCall TempleKumbh vivaahCall Temple
Kal Sarpa shantiCall TempleLakshmi poojaCall Temple
Kumbh VivahCall TempleNaamkarnamCall Temple
Maha Mrityumjaya HavanCall TempleNarayana balli sraadh poojaCall Temple
Nakshatra ShantiCall TempleNvchandi yagnya – one dayCall Temple
Navgraha poojaCall TempleSathabhishekamCall Temple
PunyahavachanamCall TempleSeemantham without havanaCall Temple
Saamohika Satyanarayana poojaCall TempleShradha – hiranyaCall Temple
SathabhishekamCall TempleSpecial servicesCall Temple
Shradha (Hiranya)Call TempleUpanayanamCall Temple
Temple AartiCall TempleVishnusahasranama pathCall Temple
Vahana poojaCall TempleWedding (basic charge)Call Temple
Pre Wedding incl GrahshantakCall Temple
Abhishekam utsarvamurthi (private)Call Temple
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